Audio Ur: From Top-Down to Team Leadership
Skye Jethani, David Swanson, & Matt Tebbe discuss the trend away from senior pastors.

The theme for current issue of Leadership is "Teams," and that is the subject of our first Out of Ur podcast. Teams have always been a critical part of ministry going back to the 12 unlikely men Jesus assembled and then sent out in pairs to reach the villages of Judea. But today teams are taking on new significance.

In this podcast Skye Jethani (managing editor of Leadership), David Swanson (Community Life Pastor at New Community Covenant Church in Chicago), and Matt Tebbe (pastor of Life on the Vine Christian Community in Long Grove, Illinois) discuss the ministry implications of team leadership based on the recent interview with The Next Level Church in Denver.

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May 21, 2008

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May 21, 2008  12:53pm

I am intrigued by the team approach to leadership. I am one of those who has been burned by a heirarchical, authoritarian church structure that seems to have more in common with the US Military leadership structure than what Christ calls us to. I clearly see the downside to a structure that relieves leaders from serving their followers. On the other hand, I was curious that none of the interviewed people in both the podcast or in the article wanted to be the senior/lead pastor. I can't help but wonder if that might be because God has not given them the gift of leadership and perhaps those who *do* have the gift of leadership would have no problem saying 'yeah, i would enjoy being lead/senior pastor'? jim

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May 21, 2008  12:08pm

Hmmm. Teams make sense, but a strong initiating leader makes even more sense, at least for a group that's going somewhere. Can you say Moses? Or Paul? Or even Timothy? How about Luther? Or Calvin? Or Wesley? Even Menno Simons? More recently Billy Graham? Or Brian McLaren? The question is whether a congregation needs to go anywhere, or whether it just needs a representative form of government, a "team" that will help it stay together.

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May 21, 2008  11:45am

Yeah, I'm with Jarrod. When God decides to get something done, he doesn't call a committee, or a team. He usually calls an individual, around whom the team is formed, eventually.

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May 21, 2008  10:32am

Trend? Trend! Trend!?! You've gotta be kidding. How many churches make a trend? Not the 7 or 9 here and there that have adopted the very egalitarian, very stylish form of leadership that a few churches in America are experimenting with. "Level leadership" may be cool in some parts of well-educated America right now, but it's hardly the trend in the global south, where the REAL trends are heating up.

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