Audio Ur: Tim Keller's Gospel

Is there only one gospel? And what is the difference between the gospel message and the implications of that message? Can we preach one without the other?

In this podcast Skye Jethani , David Swanson , and Matt Tebbe discuss Tim Keller's article in the Spring issue of Leadership, "The Gospel in All its Forms."

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May 28, 2008

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Michael Schutz

May 29, 2008  4:25pm

A great article and discussion! I want to posit a word that I believe covers your thoughts on the "response" or "implications" of the Gospel: sanctification. What Dr. Keller and your podcast are both talking about is the classic difference between justification and sanctification. Justification is the proclamation of God's action in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sin. The question from Acts 2, then, ("What shall we then do?") is the first one in the steps of sanctification - living the Christian life in response to the Gospel. Both are important - in fact, one cannot exist without the other. But it's as important not to confuse them, and that's why I think the terms can be helpful. The terms keep the concepts in their proper place - hand-in-hand, but still distinct from one another.

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May 28, 2008  3:58pm

I wonder if our fundamental challenge in all this is dualism. We have this lens or framework below all this and through which we "see" the issues but not the frame. Inevitably, trying to recover something like a "whole" gospel feels mechanical, like another project or program. We talk about "implications." I don't think Paul would have understood us at all. IIRC, the Hebrew word "dabar" means both word and act, just as the Greek word for truth "alethiea" implies relation and covenant.

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May 28, 2008  10:18am

Great interaction! You actually agreed on some important things while offering nicely varied perspectives. Thanks. This is like the director's commentary on Tim Keller's article. I wish I'd had the article on my lap as I listened.

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