Out of Context: Alan Hirsch

"This divorce of APE (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist) from ST (Shepherd, Teacher) has been disastrous for the local church and has damaged the cause of Christ and his mission. In my opinion, this contraction of fivefold to twofold ministry is one of the main factors in the decline of evangelical Christianity in the West. If we want a vibrant missional church, we simply have to have a missional leadership structure with all five functions engaged. It's that simple!"

-Alan Hirschis a leader of the Forge Mission Training Network in Australia, and author of The Forgotten Ways (Brazos, 2007). Taken from "Three Over-Looked Leadership Roles" in the Spring 2008 issue of Leadership journal. To see the quote IN context, you'll need to see the print version of Leadership. To subscribe, click on the cover of Leadership on this page.

May 22, 2008

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Joe Miller

May 22, 2008  9:32pm

Not sure what is new here. Edward irving in the 1700's focused on reviving the 5 fold ministry and that has been part of many movements in both Europe and America ever since then... Many of these are still alive among Evangelical churches that are still declining, so I am not sure if this thesis hold up.

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Ben W

May 22, 2008  9:13am

I read this online yesterday http://www.christianitytoday.com/le/2008/002/7.32.html after Alan mentioned it on your blog. The effects of this divorce is easily seen in a lot of local churches. Challenging this is a challenge to the power that has been consolidated in their office of S and T types. I fear challenging this will be too surmountable a task for many churches.

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