Craig Gross: Church in the Chicken Ranch
The Porn Pastor talks about ministry in Las Vegas.

The Spring '09 issue of Leadership journal should be arriving in mailboxes this week. The issue is called "UNHOOKED: Finding Release from Vices and Addictions." We editors searched for ministers who were tackling addiction head on, whether in their churches or in parachurch ministries. And we're pleased with the final product.

Our lead interview in this issue is with Craig Gross, founder of and, more recently, the Strip Church in Las Vegas. In the video below, Craig talks a little bit about the mission of the Strip Church and what it means to take the gospel into the darkness.

If you like what you see here, you can read the full-length interview in Leadership. Click here to subscribe.

Craig Gross on Ministry in Sin City from Url Scaramanga on Vimeo.

April 14, 2009

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Daniel Wiafe

July 11, 2009  5:37am

This is real powerful what those guys are doing in Las Vegas. Ministry in VERY unconventional ways. Keep up the good work 3X church!

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Daniel Wiafe

July 11, 2009  5:35am

This is VERY powerful what these guys are doing in Las Vegas. Ministry in very "unconventional ways". Keep up the good work 3X Church!

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April 20, 2009  11:30am

Thanks, Marcus. I thought those insights were right on.

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Marcus Goodyear

April 20, 2009  11:22am

My favorite quotes: "We're not going to hold a worship experience at the chicken ranch… We can bring the church into these places but it is going to look a lot different." "Just because they're not looking to go to your church doesn't mean they aren't looking for the gospel." When are we going to remember that the kingdom of God is bigger than our church buildings and the programs that happen in those buildings? "We've gotten way too lazy. [We have] a build it and they will come mentality."

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