Audio Ur: Jon Trott on Community and Ministry
How can communal living enhance ministry?

On my bookshelf here at my Leadership office is a growing collection of books about intentional living–about new friars and new monastics and communes made up of multiple families under one roof. As with all such things, we wanted to get some perspective on the issue. So I spent an afternoon not long ago visiting with Jon Trott, a 30-year member of Jesus People USA (JPUSA) in Chicago. Since Jon has been living the communal life for three decades now, I asked him a few questions about life in community and for his perspective on the "new monasticism."

To hear more from Jon, check out the Winter 2009 issue of Leadership.

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January 29, 2009

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January 29, 2009  10:36am

"How can you be a better disciple with what you own?" what a great question! I don't think stewardship is thought of enough from this perspective.

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