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Patriot's Bible editor Richard Lee responds to Greg Boyd

Editor's Note: When we received Greg Boyd's review of The American Patriot's Bible, we sent it to the folks at Thomas Nelson Publishers and asked them if they wanted to respond. The Bible's editor, Richard G. Lee sent us this reply.

Over the past several years it has been my privilege to work together with a wonderful group of scholars and editors developing The American Patriot's Bible. As the general editor of this title, I felt it was important to present a clear and accurate understanding of why The American Patriot's Bible came together as it did, and how it is to be used to enlighten the readers of the undeniable role that the Word of God has played in the formation and continuation of our great nation.

The American Patriot's Bible's clear purpose is to present the "strong cord" of the Bible's influence that runs through the fabric of our nation's past and present. Our great nation has not used the Bible to form some system of "nationalism" and "superior isolationism," but rather our founding fathers learned from its teachings the principles, values, and ethics of law, government and proper social order.

Does this mean that America has any more right to the Bible and its promises than any other nation? Not at all. When the Scripture teaches us, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord," (Psalm 33:12) that means any nation of people who will follow after Him would be blessed by Him. That truth is the reasoning behind sending American Christian missionaries around the world with the Gospel, so that other nations may know the God who has so richly blessed us.

Every nation has some form of religion as a basis for its system of government and social order. The examples are many. China has the religion of Atheism, India has the religion of Hinduism, and many of the Arab nations have Islam. The religion that permeates America is Christianity given to us in the Holy Bible. Are there other religions in America? Should persons of other religious faiths enjoy the same rights of worship and assembly? Certainly they should, and they do, but from our nation's beginnings Christianity has been the one prevailing religious faith. Evidence of this fact abounds.

It is evidenced by countless references from the Bible in our state charters, our founding documents, and state and federal laws. Even the numerous federal buildings and monuments throughout our nation's capital city, Washington, D.C. carry images and quotations from both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible.

May 29, 2009

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May 19, 2011  1:27pm

Mjdannehl, it's entirely possible for a lesser army to defeat a greater army. It happens quite often in history. Is God on the side of the victor? Is that for us to say? I guess God was on the side of the Cuban revolutionaries. Brett, I've "actually read them." It doesn't prove a single thing Lee has said. It actually proves the opposite. A "lack of true research?" Really? I've done loads of research. Steve Keeton, You make some tremendous claims about people you have never met. I'm not relying on someone else's research. And what makes someone else's research "erroneous?" Because you disagree with it on an ideological level? Because it draws from many sources instead of cherry-picked ones used to paint the narrative of history in a direction you want to remember it as? When I grew up I wasn't in public education, I learned from David Barton's text books and VHS tapes. But when I grew up and actually looked into history, he's full of crap, and everything he's done was to push an agenda. Maybe you should do research for yourself instead of simply relying on someone's erroneous research that has an Christian-nationalist motive.

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Steve Keeton

May 29, 2010  8:11pm

What ignorance is espoused by many that have provided comments about this book. I am amazed at the lack of true research by many of you that think a majority of our founding fathers were Deists. To think this way is the furthest from the truth and you are lazy and simply relying on someone's erroneous research that has an anti-christian motive and a pursuit of secular humanism, which is the established teaching in most public schools and universities today. I say lazy because if you look at the letters written by our founding fathers, their journals and diaries you will see that they were believers in God and that they were convicted that God had blessed this great country and its establishment. It is sad to see that many of you have blind trust that the education you have received in public school is gospel without doing any of the true research for yourself.

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January 04, 2010  1:09pm

I am thankful that we still have so many of the writings of our founding fathers, which FOR ANYONE WILLING TO ACTUALLY READ THEM, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the assertion made by Richard Lee of "the undeniable role that the Word of God has played in the formation and continuation of our great nation." While we should never deify our leaders (who are needy sinners just as ourselves), we should take every opportunity to learn from and be encouraged by their examples of righteousness when they were faithful. As for those who like to harp on the "Deist" nature of our founder's Christianity, I would challenge you to APPROACH the same level of dependence upon God in your daily affairs that these men did. From the content of many of the comments on this site, it is evident that our government schools have been quite successful in destroying the knowledge of the history of our country. As Adolph Hitler said , "Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state." It is also sad to see that even after Richard Lee's explanation above, there are still those who cannot comprehend the distinction between "Christian nationalism" and a desire for every nation to honor God. I guess there will always be those with ears who will not hear and eyes that will not see.

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October 19, 2009  9:07pm

I didn't read all the comments, but we are doing such a great job by leaving Christ out of country, why not try reading the Bible and praying? The Jewish people would be very surprised to learn that have survived as a religion because it isn't possible. The first thing a real Christian learns is we are all sinners and fall short. The second thing I have learned, is that without God's hand, there was no way that the States could unite and defeat the best army in the world in 1776.

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jim filyaw

July 09, 2009  12:36pm

i don't know which is more offensive, lee's ignorance of commonly known american history, or his infantile assuredness in what isn't so. my bible (kjv) tells me that to God, the nations are nothing, vanities, specks in the balance, and that jesus said clearly his kingdom was not of this world. no doubt, lee finds some way to argue that the 2nd amendment was really the 11th commandment. that this idiot, "doesn't know whether jimmy carter is a christian", and doesn't think the president is a patriot says all that needs to be said about him. all the demons and evils he rails against aren't nearly as scary as this misguided fool.

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Ryan Kupiec

July 03, 2009  9:57pm

I wish Lee would have made more of an effort to rebut Boyd on a point by point basis. Instead of giving a general response by citing historical facts to which I doubt Boyd would disagree, he should have answered the underlying criticism of whether or not it's appropriate to celebrate Christ and nationalism in the same breath. In my opinion, Boyd offers a great criticism of the content of the American Patriot's Bible. I just wish that more Christians would find this type of thing troubling. I'm left scratching my head.

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June 28, 2009  9:26am

Sorry, i forgot my second point. You said: "I'm amazed at how many have responded that Dr. Lee didn't confront the issues Greg Boyd brought up. Who says he has to? Lee gave a concise explanation as to why he edited this, and what the purpose for it is. Period. I believe he wasn't called out and into the stadium to fight the reigning bull in the arena. He was asked to explain the reasoning, and he did that well." However, his task, at least according to the editor's note at the top of the page, was to reply to Boyd's review. Dr. Lee wasn't writing a forward to his book, it was supposed to be a response to something, but he failed to respond. I think there may be some good arguments to be made that rebut Boyd's points, but I don't know what they are until someone makes them.

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June 28, 2009  9:13am

Dave, I've heard this sentiment of yours at other places where this book is being discussed, and this is the first time i've responded to it. The reason that I am upset about this publication is not that I disagree with it, it's that it is offensive to me. Taking the word of God, the Holy Scriptures, and blending them with any national ideology is offensive. From what I have seen of this book, it misrepresents the spirit (or is that The Spirit) of the Scriptures in order to make America look better than it does (and in order to make a profit.) No book or TV program would generate a similar response in me, but when you are using the very word of God, that gets my attention.

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June 21, 2009  11:29am

I'm amazed at how many have responded that Dr. Lee didn't confront the issues Greg Boyd brought up. Who says he has to? Lee gave a concise explanation as to why he edited this, and what the purpose for it is. Period. I believe he wasn't called out and into the stadium to fight the reigning bull in the arena. He was asked to explain the reasoning, and he did that well. You may disagree with his logic, might not understand the purpose, but carrying this into accusations of blatant idolatry, national theocracy, etc; is going way too far. It's like television. You don't like the program, turn it off. You don't like this bible or the comments, hey, don't buy it! I've read Boyd's 'Myth.." and thought he was way off base on several things, but I didn't write a book review attacking him. I just choose to toss the book.

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Jay Does Games

June 08, 2009  2:13pm

I stopped reading at "China has the religion of Atheism." Can't say I'm surprised to find out the editor of this shameful tome is a crackpot.

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