Ur Video: The American Patriot's Bible

This video was produced by Thomas Nelson, publisher of The American Patriot's Bible. Be sure to read Greg Boyd's scathing review of the Patriot's Bible, and stay tuned for a response from the editor.

A few excerpts from the video:

"For the first time ever, the history of America’s Christian heritage and the Holy Bible are woven together in a single volume."

"Its pages contain an accurate archive of America’s strong ties to the Holy Bible and the God of the Bible. It highlights people and events which demonstrate the godly qualities that make America what it is today.... It is the one Bible that shows how a light from above shaped our nation."

"If you love America and the Scriptures, you will treasure The American Patriot’s Bible."

May 28, 2009

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john h pavelko

June 09, 2009  2:12pm

When I first discovered this page I thought that I was at The Onion or the Wittenberg Door, surely this had to be a parody, a sarcastic joke. The Bible may have shaped the thoughts and beliefs of our nation but we have not been a nation that has heard that God wants people who will feed the hungry, care for the widow and the oppressed throughout our history. Unfortunately the book will probably become a best seller, ugh! Given the irrational logic of this mind set Dylan's classic, "With God on Our Side" should have also been included, after all it was shaped by Scripture.

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June 08, 2009  2:46pm

I'm glad the poster above mentioned 9/11. I was a new believer just before 9/11 and when the attacks unfolded I was saddened and shocked at the depravity of man. I had several conversations with folks about eternal things, and God used the aftermath of those attacks to remind many of our eternal problem with out Christ. I prayed fervently that our leaders would have a God-honoring response to those hateful acts. I'll leave it up to you if our leaders did. I was not offended by 9/11 until a few weeks later, when we had a "business meeting" at the church where I came to faith in Christ. An older lady whom I respected deeply raised her hand to speak. It was obvious she was quite upset and passionate about what she was about to say, and I was eager to hear her heart. She began, "I came in here after 9/11 looking for something...and I looked and I looked and I couldn't find it anywhere..." then with quivering yet pointed voice she argued, "WHERE IS OUR AMERICAN FLAG?!?!! It should have been up front, on the alter!!" She went on to recount how we "always had a flag" until the church burned to the ground. Since the new building, it had never been replaced. A motion was made and quickly passed to purchase two flags: one American and one Christian for the sanctuary. The purchase (which ended up totaling over $1000) was paid for with special giving that very day. As the many patriots high-fived (literally) each other because of their victory over evil that day my heart broke. Many came looking that day alright...and too many of us gave them exactly what they were looking for. God forgive us.

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June 08, 2009  9:42am

Must read Mark Noll - http://www.amazon.com/Search-Christian-America-Mark-Noll/dp/0939443155

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Wayne Carrel

June 05, 2009  12:03pm

ALL Americans NOW know that America WAS FOUNDED on Godly principals. The American Patriot’s Bible clearly states the facts on just how God has been and will continue to be a part of this great nation. So many are fearful of this bible and I simply cannot understand why. Our schools and History classes at all levels should read and understand the TRUE facts of our nation. Understand the strength of the great men who formed this nation and just where this strength was obtained. The American Patriot’s Bible clearly shows this. The American Patriot’s Bible offers the true facts of over 300 different people, places and times in America when Godly principals and a Godly foundation were part of decisions and strength which formed this great country. 9/11 was not that long ago when this country was shocked with the disaster of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. On that day and many weeks which followed churches across America were standing room only. The United Stated Flag was completely sold out; you could not purchase one anywhere in the United States. WHY? Because everyone turned to God during this time of need. The American Patriot’s Bible is God’s word, God’s involvement in the great men who made this nation what it is today. Everyone should have a copy. Our history has included God, not just for the United Stated of America but for the world.

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June 01, 2009  8:57am

I really can't wait for the sexy, glossy picture Bible for adults that will hit the shelves soon too. uggh... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/1331841/Erotic-pictures-to-bring-Bible-back-into-fashion.html

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June 01, 2009  8:36am

i really wish this was a joke or spoof - complete insanity i'd love to see the list of "scholars"

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Erik Stensland

May 30, 2009  10:52am

Ugh! What was Zondervan thinking? I echo the comments above. How few believers understand that there is actually a difference between the Kingdom of God and America? This just adds fuel to the fires of ignorance and confusion in our churches.

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May 29, 2009  12:00pm

Actually it will make a nice companion to Zondervan's forthcoming "Wild about horses Bible. Think about it. Paul Revere road a horse.

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May 29, 2009  10:43am


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Rick Shafer

May 29, 2009  6:21am

While I was serving as a missionary, it was frustrating that so much of the world equates America with Christianity. American = Christian = decadent + greedy + arrogant + violent + ... It was so difficult to make the distinction and create some space between the two. But the distinction HAS to be made. Now this? A tree is known by its fruit. Even my most "patriotic" brothers and sisters will say much of America's fruit these days is bad. Do we really want to more unambiguously tell the world the American tree is rooted in Christ? God has moved - and is moving - in all parts of the world...but maybe less obviously in places where His Kingdom has been syncretized with national politics.

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