Ur Video: NT Wright on Blogging
The Bishop of Durham compares the danger of social media to "cultural masturbation."
November 24, 2009

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January 06, 2010  2:33pm

great BLOG post! i'm totally going to tweet about this.

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Jason Bridges

December 15, 2009  4:03pm

How about not just reading books, but the ratio of writing books/email to direct human interaction? How is that any different? This doesn't seem to concern him given the amount of texts he has written. I also understand his point about balance, but the media you use to write shouldn't and doesn't make any difference other than the audience that reads the material you present.

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Andrew B47

December 04, 2009  3:27pm

Wes Woodell has a very good point. Don't people who spend hours on end reading books run all the same risks? But, of course, the printing press was scary technology when it first came out.

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December 02, 2009  4:24pm

Over on Wondercafe there's a discussion along these lines, focusing on social media and local congregations: http://wondercafe.ca/discussion/church-life/church-age-social-media

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Wes Woodell

November 25, 2009  3:34pm

I wonder how he feels about reading books ...

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Chad Hall

November 24, 2009  12:00pm

I think Robert Angison makes a great point re: the shadow side of the leveling effect blogging (and responding!) has. While all voices can now be heard (including some that have been excluded and need to be heard), not all voices carry the same weight. And it's awfully hard to sort through and get to the credible and good voices.

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November 24, 2009  10:25am

I have stopped blogging at times for this very reason, and really struggle with my motives for blogging. We live in a culture that lauds narcissism and the last thing I want to do is give into that or to become so comfortable with it that I don't even know that I am that way any more. I'm back at the blogging now, but I continually struggle with this dynamic.

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Robert Angison

November 24, 2009  10:21am

A good video, of course it is always good to hear from NT Wright. My favorite line: "feeding the gnostic dream" Maybe it is a generational thing, the differences he is speaking of in the video. His point is awfully good, only having blogging/facebooking/tweeting/commenting conversations is isolating. That is dangerous. I was glad he included the point about how some people in isolation need this kind of input. One matter which I didn't hear him touch on is how so many in the blogging/facebooking/tweeting/commenting world believe that all people have as legitimate of a voice as others. This doesn't happen in personal circles. There are some people in our local church who don't have the same credibility for their positions and insights as I do. One thing that comes from a careful study of the patristic hermeneutical method is that the character and background of an interpretter is of vital importance. If someone is involved in an inappropriate relationship with another whom they are not married to they can't be trusted for their views on sexual fidelity and purity...much less anything else. One of the great dangers of the social networking world is that we don't have a proper filter in place. And the pajamahadeen has absolutely taken advantage of it. I'm sorry but Bishop Wright has far more credibility than madtheologian@mail.com. While the former is deliberate and careful with his method, the latter just spits and spews whatever comes to mind. We need to remember that. An awfully good video to post here. I am thankful for it. I'll enjoy the comments that will follow...hopefully we won't feed the gnostic dream too much. You are the Church! Robert Angison

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Tara Eastman

November 24, 2009  10:16am

I see how NT Wright is be concerned for folks that ONLY communicate via blogging/etc - but like many bloggers out there, I do use social networking/blogging as a tool for authentic communication and encouragement. Blogging is a tool, not my life. I hope the topics I write on would be a catalyst for action and growth for the reader - as well as be challenging for me to live and work in authentic community.

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