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Do you ever feel like church activities, which are intended to promote God's mission, are actually keeping you from promoting God's mission? We're eager to see your captions for this cartoon by Roger Judd. Winners will be published in the Winter issue of Leadership. (Please include your name, church's name, city, and state.)

October 13, 2009

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Julie Lorenz

November 19, 2009  6:30pm

"Now, Honey, do you really think that's appropriate language for a pastor's wife to use?" (Pleasant Hill Adventist Church)

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Charles Johnson

November 10, 2009  3:48pm

This is nothing, you should see the bulletins! What we lack in size we make up in volume! I understand why God rested on the seventh day now! Just what we need, one more committee! Remember next time to use pencil, it's a whole lot easier to erase! Look!Our names are on all of these,I knew one of us should have stayed home on our vacation! Good thing it's a slow month!

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Mike McCuan

November 10, 2009  2:52pm

"You asked me to develop the schedule. Now all you need to do is pray for three more days per week and double the church staff by next Tuesday. " –- "Great calendar Martha, but.... you forgot Sunday Services?" –- "What do you mean I should have created a "soft copy"? This is the only paper we have. –- Mike McCuan, Central Christian Church, San Jose. Ca.

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Greg Stump

October 30, 2009  1:18pm

"I see here that there is nothing scheduled on Tuesday, March 15th from 10am to noon. Perhaps we could start a Committee to Address Holes in the Church Calendar that could meet then..." Greg Stump Redeemer Church La Mirada, CA

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October 22, 2009  1:19pm

"And that's just the program that help people to understand the importance of making time for their neighbors."

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Jerry Varner

October 22, 2009  6:37am

"So when do I sneeze?" "I think instead of saying 'committee', we should pronounce it 'come-hit-me'. "Got a match?" Jerry Varner Southside Church of the Nazarene Chesterfield, VA

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Nathan Harper

October 20, 2009  3:06pm

Oh, look Martha! They even have a small group for people in recovery from over-commitment. This is nothing. You ought to see the budget. Let's see. It says the Steelers play at 11:00, and the sermon is going to be on tithing. Looks like we're going to "Bedside Baptist" next week. Nathan Harper WJSBC Tupelo, MS

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Bill Dempsey

October 18, 2009  11:16pm

"Who'da thought the budget cut pool would have been such a money maker?" Bill Dempsey Family Bible Church Highland, IL

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Bill Dempsey

October 18, 2009  11:11pm

"Well that settles it...we are now officially 'busier than God.'" Bill Dempsey Family Bible Church Highland, IL

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Michael Gates

October 18, 2009  2:52pm

Berell, Get the GPS, every events in the community! We wont be back till next Sunday, gota' love this new Pastor!

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