Ur Video: Francis Chan on Being a Prophet
The problem with being popular in the pulpit.
September 17, 2009

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Joel Wood

October 28, 2009  3:48pm

Hey, Tim, I don't think Francis takes a salary from the church. Maybe he's free after all...

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Unknown Prophet

September 21, 2009  12:04pm

God has called all believers to righteousness. The role of the prophet is to simply remind God's eclesia of that righteousness through warnings, encouragement and by giving pieces of information.

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September 19, 2009  1:13pm

Just how free can he be to value all of what needs to be said when he depends on the people who hear him to like him enough to fund his salary and the whole institutionalized complex he heads up? Having been on the inside of an "institutionalized complex" I know what truth is sacrificed to keep "positive vibes" and "momentum" flowing. It's all justified as "a greater good". "It's better to be united than right." The folks who say these things are very nice, highly talented, "gifted", and "professional".

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Jim Martin

September 19, 2009  11:47am

A good reminder. I appreciate his willingness to address one of the great temptations of ministry.

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Steve Martin

September 18, 2009  1:09am

Today, many are hated because they put the onus on Christ and His work for us, and not 'what we do'. People just naturally gravitate to the 'religious project'. The N.T. will have none of that, and the Galatian letter makes that crystal clear (or should)

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September 17, 2009  7:10pm

Enjoyable watching this humble man. The other videos are quite intersting as well.

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