Driscoll and MacDonald in Haiti
Tragedy and chaos is a fertile ground for sex trafficking in Haiti.

Shortly after the earthquake, Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church in Seattle) and James MacDonald (Harvest Bible Chapel near Chicago) were on a flight to Haiti. Driscoll has been updating his Twitter and Facebook accounts with both hopeful and horrific messages.

USA Today has just published the first news report about the pastors in Haiti and the terrible victimization of young girls that is now occurring. Driscoll gave this report:

We were downtown loading up our film crew. There were no police, no medics, to be seen by a huge park with hundreds of people camping out with no where else to go. There was a little cart with a red umbrella and a man selling cell phones and cigarettes – and a few young girls.

"You want to buy loving?" the guy asked me. I said, "What in the world are you talking about?"

But there was another guy there, who claimed to be a translator for a relief agency, who was negotiating a price for a girl. I asked him what he was trying to do. He said, "Oh, she's a friend of mine. We're just trying to connect."

That's ridiculous. A young girl. A man 20 or 30 years older. I told him this was unacceptable. MacDonald confronted him, too. But there were no police and you could argue all you wanted but the girl took his money and they walked away."

Driscoll has also reported on random violence including the fatal shooting of a boy just outside an evangelical seminary.

Stay up to date on what's happening on the ground in Port au Prince on Mark Driscoll's Twitter feed, or you can watch video updates on the Churches Helping Churches YouTube channel.

January 21, 2010

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Fernando Villegas

January 29, 2010  9:36pm

After reading the comments, I had such an uneasy feeling, but I wasn't sure why. After I thought about it for a while I realized why. The point of the post was a report of the victimization of young girls in the wake of the Haiti earthquake–AND WE'RE ARGUING ABOUT MARK DRISCOLL'S CAMERA CREW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? For crying out loud, that's what we're outraged about? Please don't get me wrong, and for the record, I am NOT a supporter of the current celebrity culture in the church (which, by the way, is not unique to North America). But talk about majoring in the minors! Let Mark Driscoll do whatever he wants, I DON'T CARE. You can't control him. If he is in the wrong, he will stand in judgment before the One who knows the motives of our hearts. You, live out God's calling for YOUR LIFE where you are. I took a break from this blog for a while because I was afraid it might be hurting my soul. I came back today, and it only took this post to get me feeling sick again. I'm all for debating ideas and listening to opposing points of view in a context of grace and respect, but that's not what I see happening here! All I read are the same tired arguments from each side, back and forth, a lot of talking, a lot of name calling, a lot of reacting, but no real listening, no synergy, no insights into how to live the gospel that are fresh and creative. I pastor three Spanish churches in West Texas. Most of my members have never heard of Mark Driscoll. They're too busy with their own problems, and their own hurts, and their own fights among themselves. I can't do anything about Driscoll, but I pray that I CAN be a healing presence from God in their lives. So I'll be taking another break from Out of Ur so I can be with them. I don't know if I'll be back...

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January 27, 2010  11:03am

furthermore, i have no idea why Driscoll or MacDonald are the issue. it could be Boo-Boo Kitty with a camera crew for all I care.

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January 27, 2010  11:01am

yep. because the last thing haiti needs is another film crew. this isn't about ideology/theology. This is about Haiti. I have no idea what Brian Mclaren or Tony Jones has to do with this post or the critique raised.

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January 26, 2010  9:05pm

Melody, Absolutely.

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January 26, 2010  5:01pm

It seems to me that if you like Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald and their belief system you will approve of what they are doing. If not, you will find fault. If the faces were that of Brian Maclaren and Tony Jones, would you make the same comments?

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January 24, 2010  10:04pm

Probably well intentioned, but almost certainly not the most effective use of resources. Supporting established organizations in country and/or people with specific needed skills would be more efficient. Also, I pray the church remembers to continue supporting Haiti a year or two or three from now when the media spotlight has faded, but I fear the evangelical attention span is woefully short. The shirts were probably well intentioned also, but a lot of unchurched people are going to see that slogan as pretty exclusive. Sigh.

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January 24, 2010  1:34am

continued... Didn't Jesus say "I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." Doesn't that mean travel around the world and see with your eyes, then you will be moved to act on reaching the lost? In institutionalized faith it does mean that, sad to say. Billions are spent yearly to send youngsters to "see" the harvest. God doesn't need that kind of seeing to get His people to go or give to the needs. He just needs a testimony of someone already there. The secular news gives us that testimony for free- well maybe it's not free. In God's grace many who had to see with their eyes first, have gone or given more, but it was still wasted effort because God was doing His work anyway without it. Just that much more resources were sucked away from the harvest. "The greatest danger is not that we will renounce our faith, but that we will settle for a mediocre version of it." I'd love to know the author of that statement.

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January 24, 2010  1:32am

The "You're Negative" card has been played. Maybe the "You're Being Judgmental" card will be played soon. Simple ways to sweep away, at least in one's own mind, challenging questions and statements of rebuke and correction. Once the self-justifying card is played, the card player no longer needs to think deeply, examine potential better alternatives, compare God's Word with his own reality, etc. It gives the card player permission to dismiss the opposing view with his own "negative" labels, such as legalistic, divisive, or Satanic accusation of believers. It's quick and easy. After spending many years in my spiritual life being chained to (addicted) institutionalized faith, I see so many ways in which believers are taught by word and deed by their "leaders" to walk by sight, not by faith. The exact opposite of what the Word calls for. Believers need to see the needs or they will have no heart to feel like giving - right? Parents need to pool $150,000 to send their 24 teens to see the Indian orphanage and help wash dishes so they can see the need and perhaps feel called to go or be more generous givers when they get a job. (The orphanage which desperately needs resources more functional than American faces gets a few scraps.) This is common, normal practice. It's common and normal for every local church to devote 75 - 85% of it's "giving" to buy services that benefit mostly the "givers". Americans can't and won't "be the church" unless they get the best "services".

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mike and Jamie DeVries

January 24, 2010  1:22am

I know much has been said already, but I must agree that this feels a bit self-serving. I swung by the Churches Helping Churches website and all I really found was a list of churches who were supporting and a place to donate financially. The issue was that I could not find anywhere where it spoke in concrete terms about what was being supported financially. While I am excited to see that God's people have stepped up to be a part of bringing hope, I am struck with the medium and the tenor with which it is being presented. Feels like a photo-op in the middle of relief work.

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January 23, 2010  2:57pm

is it "being critical of others" to raise a legit concern? is there really any correspondence between behaviors so that one could compare? apples and oranges.

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