Ur Video: Young Leaders Reflect on Cape Town 2010
What can the American church learn from leaders in other regions of the world?

While in Cape Town last month for the Lausanne Congress, I met with a number of friends who each participated in the 12 Cities | 12 Conversations tour leading up to Cape Town 2010. About half way through the congress we gathered to talk about the experience, what we were learning, and how the Lausanne Congress might impact our ministries in the US.

From left to right on screen, the video features me, Jim Belcher (author/pastor), Margaret Feinberg (author/speaker) , Dan Cho (The Veritas Forum), Paco Amador (New Life Church, Chicago) , Sara Groves (song writer, musician), Jedd Medefind (Christian Alliance for Orphans), Bobby Gruenewald (LifeChurch.tv), and Bethany Hoang (International Justice Mission).

12 Cities | 12 Conversations - Cape Town 2010 from ConversationGatherings on Vimeo.

November 05, 2010

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November 13, 2010  2:03pm

Watching this video stirred many things in my own heart. Growing up as a Missionary Kid, I have often lost faith in the American church because it seems closed to me. And yet, I can't deny that because I am American and not Turkish, African, Israeli, etc, I still have that tendancy to want to stick to my own culture norms. With that comes a lot of pride and arrogance in 'our way' of doing things. There were many comments that hit me as I watched, but I loved the overpowering sense of God's church truly moving forward despite national boundaries. Knowing that gives me a renewed sense of my own need to repent in humility of those patterns of thought that exclude others who are indeed part of the wonderful body of Christ. It's not about me or my culture, about the kingdom of God. The problems of the world are not 'us and them' problems – they are 'our' problems. Our God is not a God of the United States, or the God of Africa, but the God of the world. With this in mind, we need to strive towards learning from each other! While the Word of God firmly illustrates who God is, we are all going to experience God in different ways because of varying experiences. Why do we isolate ourselves and act like ours is the only way?

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