Ur Video: Who Gets Into Heaven?
What does "No one comes to the Father except through me" really mean?

We seem to be on a doctrine binge these days. First a run of discussions on the role of women in ministry, and now a conversation fueled by Rob Bell's new book about hell and universalism. Talking about damnation has certainly gotten folks stirred up. Some have been saying that by some standards, even C.S. Lewis could be branded a heretic because of his "locked from the inside" take on Hades. Does a view like Lewis', annihilationism, or an Eastern Orthodox take on hell automatically push someone outside of the evangelical fold? Is "heretic" a justifiable label for such teachers?

Just to keep the conversation going, here's an interesting video recently featured on The Huffington Post on how to refute popular Christian arguments based on John 14:6.

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Chris Cocca

March 22, 2011  1:33am

aw, come on now, friends. Like any venue, HuffPo and CT publish all kinds of things. Some are great, some aren't. Let's not be haters! Like Mrs. Claus side to the Misers, "brothers should be friends!"

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March 11, 2011  2:37pm

What value does this add to the discussion? I agree with Britt when she says that it's not surprising that Huffington Post would publish this nonsense, but a CT publication?

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March 06, 2011  9:48am

Wow... how sad... :(

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March 03, 2011  9:20am

Jesus also said that "wide was the way to destruction" and "narrow was the way to life", and in His own words, the way to life was narrow because of its difficulty. The Bible may not give a clear distinction on exactly what Hell is, but the scriptures, and the words of Jesus, are clear. Many will go to destruction. Such a limited and agenda driven view is not surprising from the Huffington Post. Peace.

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March 03, 2011  9:07am

Some versions say "through," some versions say "by." Those two words have different meanings/nuances. Can someone tell me which is the correct interpretation?

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March 03, 2011  5:40am

Both characters drew lines in the sand over their limited understanding of scripture. This type of behavior is really the basis for the 30,000+ denominations we have. Having a closer look at the genetic makeup of the two - I'd have to say they were brother and sister - or at least close cousins - probably a by-product of a teddy bear mill. Teddy bear mills are just evil.

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March 02, 2011  6:13pm

So 'Bart Simpson meets Hello Kitty' cartoons now pass for theological debate. Wow.

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Steve Martin

March 02, 2011  4:04pm

What did Jesus say about it? The sheep are his, and the goats are not. I pray that there aren't too many goats. I pray that I am not one.

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March 02, 2011  3:20am

"Does a view like Lewis', annihilationism, or an Eastern Orthodox take on hell automatically push someone outside of the evangelical fold? Is "heretic" a justifiable label for such teachers?" Lord, I sure hope not. If so, then what a small view we have of God and what a small box we have put Him and His ways in. Lord, have Mercy.

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Karl Udy

March 01, 2011  11:48pm

This is not the first time I have seen videos by xtranormal, and to my mind they actually are a rhetorically damaging device to the people making the videos. It comes across as the most blatant propoganda, and is not even well-disguised. Surely the view must be put-forward better somewhere else?

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