Ur Video: Miroslav Volf on Public Faith
How can Christians engage the public square to encourage flourishing?

We are entering into another presidential election, which means Christian voices will be invited into the political discourse. Some of these voices will make us proud, and others may not. So how should we think about Christian engagement in the public square? Miroslav Volf articulates two dangers:

April 18, 2012

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April 22, 2012  12:09am

Steps to public faith expression. 1. Throw off the one-way communication driven form of gathering with believers and take up prepared participation, conversation forms like the Bible asks for . Heb. 10:24, 25 You will soon be prepared to articulate faith via dialogue, leading with good questions amoung the lost regarding issues of justice, truth, peace, otherwise called politics. Very simple and very Biblical.

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Steve Martin

April 19, 2012  4:14pm

I don't much care for the public aspects of our faith...but rather the private interactions between believers and the lost. Those who are hurting and being had by this world need to hear of the One who came into this world for their sakes. Listen. Understand. Tell them a bit of your pain and losses. And then speak of Jesus. Don't goad them into any decisions or anything like that. Just hand over Christ and leave it at that. And then pray for them. My 2 cents.

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April 19, 2012  12:08pm

Spam bots...they trawl the nets posting vague comments that the creator of the malware hopes beyond hopes some fool will actually click it's link. Which, oddly enough,brings me to Mr. Volf's commentary promoting a book that, based on this 2 minute snippet, tells me I can actually do without...what a fascinating false dilemma he has presented as the subject of his book...two options, with a little discussed, and nebulous third option that he coyly insinuates exists, but he won't tell because it's his teaser for the listener/reader to buy his book and find out his grand solution...which he'll reveal for a nominal fee for his book. And so here is my solution, free for any and all... ________________________________________________________ For every action there is an equal and opposing action which requires the enabler, the prosecutor if you will of that action to consider what the ramifications are of their decision to enact their will. Most normal people will actually take the time to reflect before prosecution, some will even go so far as to consider any and all possible outcomes, also known as the Law of Unintended Consequences. Which, oddly enough, brings me to the current subject of this which is that Christianity has FAILED to reflect on any of it's decisions before acting on them as a whole for the past fifteen hundred years...FAILURE, FAIL, MISERABLE FAIL, EPIC FAIL! Our history is so loaded with our failures that I've actually heard G-d in heaven has say, "ugh, again, the fail is strong with my Church." For the past Sixteen hundred years we, as the church has never stopped once, and asked ourselves in convention, "Is what we're about to do a good idea? And if so...let's discuss first what the possible outcomes could be so we know what to expect both in terms of good or bad outcomes." Never, once, has the Church as a corporate whole ever done that...but as small groups of autonomous representatives we have gone off and done "mighty works for the lord!" only to see FAILURE! a short while later. Why? Because stupidity, the most preventable of diseases and curable with just a moment of thinking, is the most common disease infecting Christians throughout the centuries. So, lets narrow it down some more...can the people of the American Church, in toto, that's everyone and anyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ ever engage positively with the public discourse of politics? NO, No we can not, and I certainly will not, and if you do decide to take the plunge into that cess pool called public political discourse you will foul everything you touch, and every word you speak will forever haunt the ears of those who wished you never got involved in the first place. Me being one of those who wished you had kept your yap shut. So lets stop right here. End the discussion, and all agree that if American Christians. as we are right now, get involved in political discourse WE WILL LOOK AND SOUND no different than the rest of the chimps throwing poo at each other. So, lets just take a step back, shake off this subject, and get back to what we were called to do...live for Y'shua, spread Y'shua's good news to people, and let G-d deal with the changing of peoples hearts.

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