Ur Video: Skye Jethani on Consumerism vs. Activism
How a life of radical mission and selfish consumption both miss the Gospel.

Consumerism is a plague on the church, but is our remedy worse than the disease? Using the Parable of the Prodigal Sons, Skye Jethani explores how ministries that seek to transform Christian consumers into Christian activists may do more harm than good.

April 09, 2012

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MK @ Teach Sunday School

April 10, 2012  2:47pm

Consumerism has been an issue for the church (and many other things) for quite some time now. But I have to say that I never thought about the various issues that Skye Jethani brought up in this video. Thank you for sharing this with your faithful readers—it definitely gave me something to think about.

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Greg Arthur

April 10, 2012  1:37pm

Skye, I like the video in that it is an effective teaser for the book and provides some challenging thoughts about our approach to God. I am curious to really figure out how much of the Missional Church talk that has been so prevalent over the past couple of years has simply resembled this exchange. I am less talking about the real leaders of the movement and more about churches who have been clearly consumerist in their approach and then have flipped a switch to activism. Did real change take place or was there simply the sort of exchange you illustrate here? That is a worthy question to consider. Thanks for the post.

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April 09, 2012  8:31pm

Yeah Skye, nice job out there. I did a similar post and small visual presentation about consumerism in my blog as well. I am glad we share the same views about this as it is becoming a tick in our skins. I couldn't agree more. Anyway, thank you and more power!

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April 09, 2012  2:47pm

Excellent post.

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Steve Martin

April 09, 2012  11:00am

Nice job, Skye. Our obedience or lack thereof is not the issue. But the graciousness of the Father and His love for all His children. And, as you so aptly put it, His desire for our presence. Thanks, very much.

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April 09, 2012  9:59am

So...Skye, just thinking here...is there a full on video of "With" because I'm a thinking here that what you got is a very good presentation, and what is truly annoying is that I'm getting it in snippets. Good book, but I think you're video presentation has trumped the book's effectiveness in communicating what is crystal clear a message from G-d.

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