The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 30- Atheist Tracks, Sexy Christian Shirts, & Naughty vs. Nice
Have we lost all sense of "sin" in our culture and in the church?

The product placement bell gets a name on this week's Phil Vischer Podcast, and Phil, Skye and Christian explain how they all know each other. They discuss Atheist comic strips, and try to help Skye come up with a new name for his book. They discuss a new Christian "sexy" t-shirt company and, in general, Christian merchandise. Phil debuts a new segment called "Phil has a bone to pick!" and the first segment features Santa Claus and Mercedes-Benz, and our culture's tendency to glorify sin.

Listen here.

December 27, 2012

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January 04, 2013  2:15am

The advice on legal copyrights for creative talents was helpful :D I like poetry :D

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January 01, 2013  3:08am

No we can't lost our culture and sense in the church, It's not possible.

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