Ed Dobson on Finding Purpose Outside the Church
Sometimes following Jesus means leaving church ministry.

For the last two weeks we've been talking about the temptations and maladies created by our the celebrity culture within the church. Pastors are measured by the magnitude of their platform rather than the maturity of their faith.

Ed Dobson was a celebrity pastor with a large congregation and broad influence. Then he was diagnosed with ALS, a fatal disease that changed his life and ended his church leadership role.

In a new set of videos, Ed shares how leaving pastoral ministry uncovered how the role had actually prevented him from following Jesus. And he now recognizes one-on-one ministry is far more important than having a growing platform or mega congregation.

I highly recommend that everyone take 10 minutes to watch Ed's video titled "My Garden."

February 23, 2012

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March 29, 2012  11:47am

I just finished reading Ed's book, The Year of Living Like Jesus. It will put some more depth and context into what he has to say here. I found it a delightful, honest, funny, insightful and engaging memoir well worth the read by a man who is clearly passionate about following his Lord, Jesus Christ.

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February 25, 2012  2:36pm

Amazing! Grace, personified.

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February 25, 2012  2:34pm

I've had the privilege of listening to, and speaking with, Ed Dobson. And he's the real deal. His journey from large public ministry to personal walk with Jesus is one I'm learning from. I want to have a spirit like Ed's as I go through the vicissitudes of life.

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Steve Cuss

February 24, 2012  4:17pm

A dear friend of mine died from ALS in 2010, so watching Ed's videos has been a visceral and cathartic experience for me. I first heard of Ed Dobson after he "repented" of his involvement in the Moral Majority. I was refreshed to discover a pastor of his stature openly learning and growing. I see his thoughts here as an extension of his heart and character and I'm deeply grateful to him for having the courage to share his thoughts with the rest of us

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February 24, 2012  4:16pm

Hey! What's this former Fundamentalist and Evangelical mega-pastor doing using an Eastern Orthodox prayer rope and praying in an Eastern Orthodox church full of Icons? How very interesting! (I do definitely see a connection between that and the new mindset he describes experiencing here as a result of his illness-induced early retirement from the Evangelical pastorate.) This is a very moving video. I look forward to watching the others he has made. I have a lot of respect for Ed Dobson. He is also my parents' former pastor. I visited Calvary Church with them and heard him preach many times. My observation is the message he shares now with his life has many times the power of those sermons.

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mark riddle

February 24, 2012  3:41pm

I've watched this every day since discovering it. I find myself emotional a various spots each time I watch and it gives me pause. What in me resounds with this message so deeply? & What is required of me to live a life that follows Jesus? What are the things I need to let go of or stop hoping for as well? This video connected with me powerfully.

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John Dinner

February 23, 2012  11:29am


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