Ur Video: Rick McKinley on Activists
Activists are really searching for meaning.

This video was produced by This Is Our City, a project of Christianity Today exploring how Christians are working for the flourishing of their cities. Here McKinley talks about the activism of Portland's culture and how the church can't just talk about activism, but vocation.

January 25, 2012

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Substance Abuse Counselor

April 17, 2012  11:49am

This is very insightful to me. I never felt as if activists are searching for meaning, because I believe they have a meaning they already treasure and what they seek is seeing it come to fruition in the external world. Their mission is to create meaning, not seek it. But to call this vocation is great. Too many of us are passive in our influence. A little action by lots of people would add up very quickly. Great production quality on the video, by the way!

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mark riddle

January 26, 2012  3:06pm

i really like what Rick is saying here. but what resonates with me isn't the "activists are searching for meaning" line, as if that is some piece of data we've mined so we can now reach them. No, what activists understand, maybe even more than most people who fill our churches, is that activism is about holding oneself accountable for the wellbeing of the whole of which they are a part and choosing to exercise whatever power an individual holds to try and benefit the whole. This is the opposite of a consumer and in churches full of consumers, it's tough to connect these dots. But Rick completes the thought for the activist who is a Christ follower by naming a meaning and purpose behind the action, calling it vocation. which is brilliant. may our churches be full of more activists who understand this is what they were made for, and may we stop leading in such a way that our ministry creates consumers. The only thing consumers create is waste, even in the church.

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