The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 46- The End of Movies, Zombies vs. Apostles, and Cohabitation

Phil declares the age of great CGI animated movies is over. And with the proliferation of digital media, are we becoming too fragmented as a culture? Skye manages to not watch a single minute of "The Bible" miniseries, and "The Walking Dead" beats the Apostles in the ratings on Easter. The team decides to build a Johnny Depp theme park: Depp World. Plus it appears that only gays and lesbians want to be married as cohabitation is on the rise among straight couples. The gang asks, would you still want to be married if you were not a Christian?

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April 09, 2013

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April 09, 2013  12:11pm

I personally think this is really sad. I believe that the media thrives off of popularity and Hollywood. I think the purpose that the Bible showed aired at the same time as "the walking dead" is because the media was trying to prvent people from watching what was truly important to watch, the Bible. Somehow in our culture today we think that zombies are real and Bible stories are not, which is such an obscure thinking. Hollywood is all about what is going to capture an audiences attention. "The Passion of the Christ" was put in the Guinnes book of world records because it was so popularized by Hollywood. I do hope that people besides Christians were able to feel the passion and love of God through this movie and the horrifying torture that Jesus went through was because He loved us, but instead I am afraid that most people only saw the gore part (blood and guts) and that this is what influenced them to see the movie. The big deal right now is on trying to get Pennsylvania to legalize gay marriage and the Christians are in an uproar about it, which is rightly so. At the same time, I think there needs to be a way to love these people in spite of what they are doing, yet at the same time letting them know that this is not acceptable and it is not right. The media has given gays and lesbians the chance to speak out, and for some reason it is okay and moral for them to give their viewpoint on why they think it's right but then as soon as a Christian opens their mouth we are called hypocrites and going against what the Bible says, it's nonsense!

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