Preaching Money for Easter?
Hopping down the money trail.

James MacDonald pulled an unusual rabbit out of his Easter hat this year. The megachurch pastor preached his Sunday morning sermon on money.

You can view the sermon video here. Start at 2:00 in.

Whatever you think of MacDonald's logic (Easter = freedom, bad money management = bondage, therefore, good money management = good idea for an Easter sermon), is the day the church celebrates resurrection the time to talk finances?

What do you think of MacDonald's connection between resources and resurrection? Appropriate? Absurd? Discuss.

April 10, 2013

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June 02, 2013  12:04am

Can't believe this video that JM would show the pictures of these godly men that deny self for global missions? I love piper chan and platt. Look at David Wilkerson, gospel for Asia founder and other unknown Generals in the vineyard for The Lord who sacrifice financially for the gospel Glad I left HBC. God is a consuming fire. We all will be judged. May we fear The Lord.

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Cynthia Curtis

April 17, 2013  8:31am

We are long time members of Harvest Bible Chapel but that may change very soon. When we heard that James would be preaching about money on Easter Sunday, we decided to attend another church that day. Glad we did. We heard a very strong sermon on the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We heard the gospel. Very glad our unbelieving family members who came with us got to hear this sermon which they would not have heard had we taken them to Harvest. A common objection to church membership is "the churches just want your money". James and his poor decisions certainly seems to be reinforcing this objection.

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Rob Grayson

April 11, 2013  1:48pm

Absurd but, sadly, unsurprising. I bet somebody, somewhere, found a way to preach about sex on Easter Sunday…

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Nate Shauerholtz

April 11, 2013  10:14am

Nothing wrong with talking money on the biggest Sunday of the year. Except the messenger, in this case, has credibility problems on this topic. With the preacher needing money to pay for an expensive house. With the church in deep deep debt. Who is this guy to talk about good money management? Doesn't the Bible talk about looking in a mirror to see how you appear to others? That biblical concept seems totally lost here.

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April 11, 2013  9:18am

I want to like Pastor MacDonald. I really do. But he makes it so hard. When he is being publicly criticized for buying an opulent home, when he's led his church into significant debt, he uses the Easter opportunity to do an in-your-face sermon on money. And he's apparently tone-deaf to the impression that leaves. It makes his critics ( very believable. It makes him APPEAR to be another money-hungry media preacher, even though he's a local church pastor.

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April 10, 2013  10:01pm

I always think that if I can gain one small golden nugget of advice or quote which I can use or remember, than my time spent to listen to a bunch of BS is worth it. From 17:30 his discussion, while everybody is holding their wallet in their hand, is strong and cuts to the heart. This part, I think he administered to many people in need of such Christian based advice. He was truly off base when he touched on the government spending "trillions of dollars" for the poor, without talking about how CHRISTIANS ARE FAILING to follow the message in the Bible on how to help the poor. Because CHRISTIANS ARE FAILING, the government is mismanaging how to help the poor. I agree with his premise "What do you do with Gods money that He has entrusted to you?" bad management of money does create bondage, but good money management tends to be multifarious.

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Rob Grayson

April 10, 2013  12:22pm

Absurd but, sadly, unsurprising. I bet someone, somewhere, preached about sex.

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April 10, 2013  11:45am

It is possible to preach a message on money and tie it effectively to the resurrection. However, that did not happen in this message. Moreover, the content of the message was troublesome. As the video shows, he placed himself between two "extremes" on a spectrum, making them moral or theological equivalents. On one side was Platt, Piper & Chan with their "monastic" views of money (probably better understood as anti-consumeristic/materialistic views on money), and on the other side was the prosperity gospel. Interestingly, while he shows photos of Piper et. al. and discusses his views of money in detail, MacDonald did not come up with a single name, biography or picture for a prosperity gospel proponent (maybe his friend TD Jakes would have been a suitable example?), and he did not delve into why PG is a problem for the gospel. While MacDonald might not agree with the theological opinions of Piper & Co. they are certainly not treading the ground of gospel heresy and doctrinal error, so to put Piper on a continuum with (TD Jakes?) is absurd; these are not moral and theological equivalents. MacDonald cannot paint himself as a voice of moderation between these two without being incoherent, or he must explain while his view of money is only a moderate theological error.

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April 10, 2013  10:08am

Very important topic. But resurrection is the most important topic ever.

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Steve Martin

April 10, 2013  9:15am

Another "Christian" 'how-to' talk (sermon?- hardly). Bores me to tears.

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