Ur Video: Rap Rebuke
Reformed rapper Shai Linne names 12 "false teachers" in new song.

What is the proper way to confront another person? It's a question every church leader will face at some time. Matthew 18:15-20 is the text most Christians look to for a godly process of confrontation, but it isn't the only example in Scripture. We see Moses confronting Pharaoh, the prophets confronting wicked kings, Jesus publicly rebuked the Pharisees, and Paul identifies false teachers by name.

Most agree that Matthew 18 applies to confronting a "brother" or sister–a fellow Christian with whom you are in relationship with. But what about confronting a Christian you do not personally know, or someone you suspect isn't a Christian at all? These questions and others are being raised by a new song released by Reformed rapper Shai Linne called "Fal$e Teacher$" in which he names 12 popular church leaders. The gist of his accusation is evident by the dollar signs in the title of the song.

Here's the song:

And here's Shai Linne explaining why he wrote the song and included the names:

In case you didn't catch them all in the song, here are the 12 leaders named:

1. Joel Osteen

2. Creflo Dollar

3. Benny Hinn

4. TD Jakes

5. Joyce Meyer

6. Paula White

7. Fred Price

8.Kenneth Copland

9. Robert Tilton

10. Eddie Long

11. Juanita Bynum

12. Paul Crouch

Rather than debate the orthodoxy of each person, I'd rather hear your thoughts on Shai Linne's approach. Do you think he should have called out each teacher by name in the song? Was he overstepping his place? Or was he doing the right thing in an age that has become too passive about the importance of right doctrine?

We now know that Shai Linne has at least one influential supporter. In response to his video explanation, John Piper tweeted: "My,my, Shai, this is good."

Share you thoughts. Would the church be better off if more people were as outspoken at Shai Linne? Or have we lost all sense of charitable disagreement?

April 15, 2013

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Pastor Pat

October 10, 2013  1:21pm

My best wishes and blessings to Shai for he has stepped out as a truth teller. If the true church does not point out problems in its own house how then are we to be faithful to the call of "watching our doctrine" as Paul called Timothy to do (1 Tim. 4:16) for it will save some. How by pointing to truth so what is false is exposed. Way to go Shai God bless you keep up the good work. We as Christian owe our full and faithful service in proclaiming the "TRUTH" period and yes exposing lies and heresy absolutely for we are Christ Jesus ambassadors (2 Cor. 5:20) and charged with representing our Lord and His revelation to the world (Matt. 28:19). We must take this charge with committed vital devotion and I believe this is just what Shai has done.

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April 19, 2013  4:35pm

Lacey, you probably realize the Scripture teaches that "the love of money" (not being rich) is "the root of all evil" and that you cannot serve both God and mammon (money). Prosperity teaching, on the other hand, makes God the means to an end (health and wealth), not as the End toward which all else is subservient for a true believer. It makes a direct appeal to our greed and an unhealthy dependence upon our own worldly success and bodily comfort as an indication of our status with God, instead of an appropriate dependence upon God and His priorities (which have to do with the state of our hearts before Him and our capacity to share in His Self-sacrificial love). Shai says things in the rap that basically state just what I have said. Prosperity and "Name it, Claim it" type philosophy reduces "God" to a sort of divine vending machine in the sky that can be manipulated by our prayers and "faithful" words. (This, by the way, is exactly how the "occult" understands the spiritual nature of the world and how it can be manipulated according to one's own desires.) Prosperity teaching also assumes that temporal success and prosperity (health and wealth) are the evidence of Divine favor and the inevitable result of "true" faith in Christ and that adverse material circumstances related to the things of this life are signs that we are not right with God–not only in an indirect and general way by virtue of being members of the human race in a fallen world, but also and especially in a direct and personal way as individuals. I have seen people deeply wounded and confused and nearly lose their faith in Christ as a result of believing this kind of teaching and faithfully trying to live it only for it to fail them in some way. One friend had a dear friend and fellow "Word of Faith" church member pass away from cancer, even though she and everyone was "praying with faith." Other friends were chastised and ultimately ostracized in their charismatic fellowship for visiting sick fellow church members in the hospital because that was seen as enabling or encouraging the lack of "faith" to be healed on the part of the sick person! We have probably all heard stories of people told to go off their meds or not accept medical treatment because that constituted a lack of "faith"–with disastrous and even tragic results. When false teaching is discerned and we know who is teaching this way, giving their names alerts the naive and untaught (especially new believers) where danger lies. Hopefully, it may help spare some folks the pain and confusion my friends have gone through. Listen to the rap again. I think you will hear Shai at least touch on some of these kinds of themes, and it certainly at least explains why he wants to actually call these teachers out.

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April 19, 2013  9:15am

I don't understand the purpose of this. He says nothing of note; nothing meaningful. He merely calls them out for being false teachers. What is their great sin? They are rich? Sure sounds like that to me. Are we saying we are supporting a sort-of "Christian communism" here? I don't get it...

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April 18, 2013  11:04am

Rappers are prophets and have a platform to tell forth what others are not willing to confront. Does any major evangelical figure (outside of a prosperity context) disagree with his view?

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April 17, 2013  9:16pm

"Was he overstepping his place?" Skye, What do mean by "overstepping," and what exactly is his "place" suppose to be?

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April 15, 2013  3:00pm

My sympathies are definitely with Shai's direct approach, and I don't believe there is anything inherently uncharitable about being direct about what constitutes heresy and about naming names, given that these are very public and popular ministries, not just a private individual's opinions. It could be done in a disrespectful and snarky way (which I would oppose), but I don't think that is what is happening here. I honestly believe this false prosperity teaching is very destructive and that the charitable thing to do is expose it as false. That this opinion about the Prosperity Gospel teaching is coming from a Reformed Protestant, however, is a bit of an irony to me as an Eastern Orthodox Christian. Of course, I'd agree with Shai's assessment of prosperity teaching and likely on many of the particulars of what Scripture means to teach, but not with his or Piper's overarching understanding of what really constitutes Christian "orthodoxy", particularly when it comes to ecclesiology, soteriology, and Atonement theory, which kind of begs the question, by whose definition and interpretation of Scripture do we decide what is heresy?

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