The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 34- Hobby Lobby, Health Care, & "Family Friendly" Faith
Does the health care mandate call for civil disobedience, and the problem with "safe" Christian media.

In this week's Phil Vischer Podcast, Skye introduces his new book Futureville. They discuss the current conflict between Hobby Lobby and the new contraception mandate, which leads to a conversation about the role of government and civil disobedience. They talk about the "controversy" around the Neil Patrick Harris ad for the Super Bowl, and then a petition to designate the Roman Catholic Church a hate group. The podcast ends with a discussion about whether or not our churches, Christian radio, and Christian entertainment have become too "family friendly" and paint an unrealistic portrait of faith.

Listen here.

January 15, 2013

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become a Christian

January 15, 2013  12:05pm

Awesome book. really gonna read this and enjy the time. Thank you.

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