Tweeting the (other) SBC
Oh be careful little tags what you hash.

Pastors attending the annual Southern Baptist Convention this week in Houston were faithful tweeters. But a hashtag mixup turned humorous when many of them mistook the Seak Foundation's Sports Bra Challenge 2013 feed (#SBC2013) for their Convention's official hashtag (#SBC13).

The Sports Bra Challenge (an "annual one day outdoor charity fitness movement," taglined "Reveal Yourself") is an event designed to help encourage women to overcome insecurities and exercise in a supportive environment. It is, as you'd imagine, unrelated to the Southern Baptist Convention...

Two worthy events, made so much better by sharing a single twitter feed. A few highlight tweets from SBC pastors to the (other) SBC:

"Wisely dorms are freezing.. even with the air off! #SBC2013"

"Why is it so cold in this arena?" #SBC2013

"Anybody else think we look small on television #SBC2013"

"I find myself growing more and more irritated." #SBC2013

"Your affliction is only for a time. This too shall pass... #sbc2013"

We must be doing something right to be so widely hated! #sbc2013

So thankful for time with my beautiful friend ... #sbc2013

"That was incredibly uplifting!" #SBC2013

"God raises up the leaders He needs. Stop dwelling on your insecurities. #sbc2013"

HT to r/christianity, via Istoria Ministries

June 13, 2013
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