Ask Rob Bell Your Question
I'm interviewing him this week. What should I ask?

In case you haven't heard, Rob Bell has a new book being released next week. Will it be as controversial as Love Wins? Here's a preview video in which Bell lays out the premise of the book.

I'm going to be interviewing Bell about the book and other matters. As I pull together my questions, I'm curious to know what you'd ask him if you had the chance. Share your questions here and maybe I'll use them in the interview which will be posted on soon. Stay tuned.

March 08, 2013

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March 13, 2013  3:25pm

i have friends at Union in NYC. They just spent time listening to Rob Bell talking about his new book. They said that, in academic terms, you could describe him as a Process Tillichian. So process theology plus some part of Tillich's theology. They reported that he didn't like the "Process" moniker, but agreed that Tillich was present in his work.

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March 12, 2013  3:49pm

Can I say this in defense of nate? There's a lot of people here who would've responded to the rebuke from "Anonymous" with more snarkyness and defensiveness. But nate didn't. He accepted the rebuke, apologized for the attitude of his initial post, and thanked the anonymous poster for holding him accountable. I think that is worth pointing out. Would that it were the rule, rather than the exception!

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Dean Chang

March 12, 2013  2:09pm

For folks like Nate, I don't get it, if you had what you thought were great ideas, and you wanted to share them with the world, why wouldn't you write books and promote them? I don't understand why fundamentalist Christians assume that Rob Bell is a self-promoter and only interested in his own fame and fortune. If you actually read his books and heard him speak, you wouldn't get that impression at all, he is probably the most humble and gracious of all the "celebrity" pastors out there. If you want to talk about self-promotion, why wouldn't you bring up Mark Driscoll? He regularly and publicly says all sorts of provocative and very mean-spirited things about all sorts of people (most recently the President of the United States), and so does John MacArthur, and you think that's not for notoriety or self-promotion? Why not, because you agree happen to agree with theologically?

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March 11, 2013  4:46pm

-Anonymous Point well taken. Thanks for pointing out my snarkyness. Rob, if you're out there- I owe you an apology for my attitude. I would still ask you that question anyways if I ever met you- but perhaps I need to ask myself that question first. Thanks again brother (or sister!) blessings Nate

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Gretchen Eula del Socorro

March 10, 2013  8:30pm

I would much want to ask him how to come to an understanding of God with taking into account both the bible and science. His book sounds very exciting.

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the Old Adam

March 10, 2013  9:26am

I'd like to ask him if he knows why so many Christians are on the religious/spirituality ascendancy project these days?

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Casey Taylor

March 09, 2013  9:05pm

Sounds like Rob is still reacting against a fundamentalist Christian upbringing. Which is sad. Sad because there are vibrant Christians and Christian communities that have avoided the deadly claustrophobia of fundamentalism and the flimsiness of Liberalism (the 20th c. theological stripe, not necessarily political). So question for Rob: Are you reacting to a fundamentalist Christian upbringing, a subculture and worldview that fewer and fewer people have themselves experienced firsthand? And, if so, how is your response to Christian fundamentalism helping everyday people?

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March 09, 2013  9:11am

And as with all Rob Bell 'teasers', he says whatever you think he said. Story at 11.

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March 09, 2013  6:50am

I would ask him his favorite thing from Taco Bell. If he still has a land line (ma Bell). His favorite band? Favorite alcoholic beverage? Favorite drink? Some food he hates? Favorite gun? Favorite Supreme Court justice? Best city he's ever visited? Why? Worst city he's ever visited? Why? Favorite CEO? Why? His pet peeve? Book of the Bible he'd ax from the canon. (ok it's a loaded question - I'd ask him a couple of those too) Oh wait - spiritual....... Basic things you MUST believe to not be a cult (what's not up for grabs) ???? When should we start waving red flags over doctrinal positions???? ... All I'm really saying is this - when you interview Rob Bell -you probably need to get 'out of the box'

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March 08, 2013  9:32pm

I would like to ask Nate what it would take for him to pray seriously for a brother in Christ whom he believes to be misguided instead of making snarky, passive aggressive comments about him on the Internet.

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