The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 42- Trademarking "Jesus" & Christian Music
An Italian company trademarks Jesus' name, & should Christian music be killed?

Italian clothing company "Jesus Jeans" has successfully trademarked the word "Jesus" in the United States. Skye asks if he can trademark "Buddha Bras," and Phil shares how he offended Christian retailers by mocking the "Score With Jesus" soccer ball. They then make a link between Jesus-branded merchandise and circumcision in the New Testament. Did you watch "The Bible" on the History Channel this week? The crew asks if it's fair to call the series "The Bible" when it ignores large portions of the Scriptures? Finally, an impassioned plea for the death of "Christian music" gets Phil all riled up. All that, plus Skye walks out halfway through Phil's wrap-up song! It's a crazy week on the Phil Vischer Podcast!

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March 12, 2013

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janis V

March 13, 2013  8:44am

My Christian news/entertainment world is shrinking what with duking it out with "the man" and Skyebox under re-construction (yes, the moose out front did tell me). The Phil Vischer podcast remains a constant in a world fraught with variables. Thank you, Skye, for quoting Jim Gilmore that churches need to be an oasis from the values of the culture. It's a worthy goal.

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Matt Miles

March 12, 2013  10:21am

I think it would be brilliant if someone trademarked the name of Jesus then didn't produce anything with His name on it. No one using His name for profit wouldn't be such a bad thing.

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Steve Martin

March 12, 2013  10:06am

A lot of Christian music should be killed....or altered. My pastor changes the words in a great many Christian songs to center around Christ sand what He has done, is doing, and will yet do...instead of what 'we do'.

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