Pew Quiz: How's Your Religious Knowledge?
Religious literacy is in sad shape.

As a benchmark for cultural religious literacy, take this quiz from Pew's Religion and Public Life Project.

You'll be surprised at how easily you'll be in the top 1% of Americans for religious knowledge.

Here's more thought fodder on the topic:

The Independent:"It's no laughing matter: Britain has become a nation of religious illiterates 'who are baffled by Biblical references in Monty Python film The Life of Brian'"

The Atlantic:"Study Theology, Even if You Don't Believe in God"

The New York Times:"The Book of Books: What Literature Owes the Bible" (Old, but oh-so-good).

November 02, 2013

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Dr. Wesley L. Mack

November 12, 2013  3:08pm

This is RELIGION 101 - Where is the challenging quiz?

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November 04, 2013  12:06am

14/15...rats. Missed 15 because I really don't know the answer. "15. Which one of these preachers participated in the period of religious activity known as the First Great Awakening?" The rest were too easy. As for the article from the Independent...mmm...I'm going to need more convincing than just one source's say-so.

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