The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 71- Metaphors, Cannibals, & Smart Phones
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Phil's Great Uncle Iner, Origins of Evangelicalism, and Louis CK's Musings on Emptiness! Watch your metaphors, Christians! We can be misunderstood! Phil tells the story of his great uncle Iner. If that isn't fun enough, Skye then explains the origins of evangelicalism and fundamentalism in America, and the gang discusses comedian Louis CK's recent musings about the "emptiness" inside all of us.

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October 03, 2013

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Matt Wistrand

October 23, 2013  11:14am

Re:the popular definition of "evangelical," the moment a religious movement finds its home in a particular culture, its definition is going to change. In other words, when "outsiders" get comfortable with a religious movement and incorporate is as part of their own culture, the popular understanding of what it is will change.

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