Steven Furtick Elevates his Living Conditions
"A big, big house ... with lots and lots of room."

Did you ever expect to see the day when the Vatican suspended bishops for rich living and Bible-belt Protestant pastors stepped in to fill the gap?

Haters are taking note as Charlotte pastor Steven Furtick builds one of Charlotte, North Carolina's largest homes. Apparently though, only 8,400 square feet of the total 16,000 will be heated. The rest will be garages and other space.

From The Charlotte Observer:

Furtick, 33, is paying for the five-bedroom house with income from the books he's written and will write.

It's not a parsonage or a gift from Elevation, Corbett [Elevation's CFO] said, "and it's not tied to the church in any way."

Though Furtick said in a recent sermon that "it's not that great of a house," it will be among the biggest in the Charlotte area, featuring 7.5 bathrooms and, according to a building permit, an electric gate.

…he's building this house on his book advances, while allowing the church to be a beneficiary of the sales," Corbett said.

What say you, Ur? Ostentatious and unbecoming, or discretionary use of cash he's earned?

October 24, 2013

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November 18, 2013  1:52pm

I have been very much into Steven's passionate godly ways and sermons until I discovered that his house far exceeds that of the richest person in North Carolina. As a Christian preacher I can only view this as an embarrassment to Christianity faith. This very disappointing to try and stomach. So until Steven comes clean with all his other mega church pastors of which live such extravagant lives I will be boycotting Steven. Here in Canada we are guilty until proven innocent. And so shall you Steven.

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November 14, 2013  10:06am

I watched the video above entitled "Hey Haters" and it came across as hateful toward any who might critique or hold exception to Furtick's ministry. It does not give an answer for the hope that is within but attacks and belittles those who raise questions. It denigrates those who seek to defend the faith and remind pastors their job is to feed the sheep on milk and MEAT that will help them to grow. The video itself shows a lack of maturity in lashing out without giving any substantial proof. Furthermore, does Furtick wish to be viewed as a prophet whose words should not be questioned? God forbid we have such a controlling cultic mindset! Truth can stand up to questions. It does not need to lash out and belittle those who have the guts to ask. That video disappoints me and to be honest seemed a bit creepy. I don't care what kind of house you live in Steven, but for God's sake answer the questions of your supposed opposition with humility and grace. God has given you the platform and the audience. Speak truth in season and out. Allow your sheep to grow to maturity. Don't cave to flashy tricks of intimidation and name calling to maintain control.

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November 01, 2013  3:19pm

It's certainly his cash (in a manner of speaking) to spend, but I can't help but be reminded: Matthew 6:19-21 "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Are we learning something about where Furtick's heart is here?

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October 28, 2013  12:00pm

forget the title of pastor. the true question, is it okay for any christian to spend this kind of cash?

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October 25, 2013  4:47pm

Matt, there is no difference except in our conciseness. We give ourselves permission to buy $3-$7 cups of coffee, waste gas driving to a store that is 5 minutes away when we could walk.. But woe to the man who has more than us. The average American spends between $6-$15 a day on peripherals. (candy, sodas, chips, coffee, fries, slur pies, gum, snacks...) The average believer in Christ gives less than 3% in their giving, the average credit card debt is $7000 + per person. Either were all guilty, which might mean we need to drop the stones or there is liberty in Christ when we are obedient as stewards, which by the way, I have heard he is and then some. Out of UR, thanks for setting us up to bash brothers in Christ. Maybe we should be Out of Ur. You will probably delete this one.

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Joshua Swartz

October 25, 2013  4:38pm

Do I think it is right for this pastor to be building that big of a house? To be honest I do. Im not saying that this guy should be giving away all of his money and living a poor life. What Iam saying though is that it is clear that money and possessions can take the place of God. Why build that big of a house there is no way he needs that big of a house. I think pastor need to be practicing living a simple life not an extravagant one.

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I am Ed

October 25, 2013  4:32pm

Not "his" money. It belongs to God. Spend it God's way.

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I am Ed

October 25, 2013  4:10pm

If interpreting and living the Scripture different than "Pastor" Furtick makes me a hater then I am guilty. If sacrificing comfort to reach more people for Jesus makes me a hater. Then I am guilty. If calling out a church leader and asking him to raise the bar on sacrificial giving and living for himself and the rest of us makes me a hater. I am guilty. It's hard for me to understand how an "ambassador of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" can park his bum in a 16,000 sq ft mansion while there are other pastors like SAEED ABEDINI who is in an Iranian prison, in a 36 sq ft cell, awaiting execution because of the Gospel. It's sick and sinful. If you see it any other way, read the Bible please. By the way, this hate you speak of is motivated by pure love.

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Matt Miles

October 25, 2013  1:43pm

Sheer, I agree with you, to a point, but there's a big difference between wasting money on iPhones (or whatever, for me it's DVDs) and a house the size of Downton Abbey. The dollar signs between the two make a sizable difference. Is it his money to the extent that he's free to do with it as he chooses? Sure, but we're also free to scratch our heads when he does. Our approval or lack thereof doesn't affect his freedom one bit.

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October 25, 2013  1:43pm

He has a right to spend his money however he wants to–that's the American way. Foregoing our rights, considering others more important than ourselves, leading by example in the way of the kingdom–that's what a Christian leader does. I'm not sure both of these values are reflected in Bro. Furtick's example.

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