Wednesday Link List: Most Dangerous Places to be a Christian, Worst Christian Book Covers of 2013, and More
Where the links have no name.

I spent a lot of the week listening to Christian radio stations from around the world on; so the temptation was to make the entire list this week simply links to all the wonderful stations I found. However, reason prevailed ...

  • Shortest. Church. Service. Ever. I hope nobody drove any distance to this church.
  • Explaining the confiscation of three Bibles from a commercial bookstore, a spokesman for the Agency for Religious Affairs in Kazakhstan said, "The Kazakh state must defend our citizens from harmful materials." Twelve icons were also seized. Asked if they were harmful, he replied, "We have experts to check icons."
  • Provocative suggestion of the week: "John Piper's doctrine is not Reformed, not even Protestant, but pre-reformation Roman Catholic!" Read more here.
  • I deliberately omitted this article from last week about conservative fundamentalist men who engage in what we might call "wife discipline" encounters of the corporal punishment kind. This week, I decided it's something to be aware of.
January 15, 2014