Wednesday Link List: The Nativity Factor, Gagnam Style Revisited, and More
Should auld links be forgot, and never brought to mind?

With both Christmas and New Year's Day falling on a Wednesday, we offer this mid-point link list today, with the regular schedule returning January 8th. (Actually, I think that's supposed to say, "returning, Lord willing on January 8th ...")

  • If you don't like the translation choice on your boxed Christmas cards, you have to do some minor editing, like this person did.
  • One Christmas song making the rounds this year—and showing the liabilities in the "songwriting by committee" approach—was this 11-minute video presented December 22nd at North Point Community Church ...
  • Double Bonus Essay: A year after PSY's song Gangnam Style rocked the YouTube video charts, a Reformed seminary student and former resident of Gangnam considers God's purpose and plan for music.
  • While coverage of the death of Harold Camping focused on the May 21, 2011 "Judgment Day" date-setting by the radio pastor, other dates are significant: He and his wife were married 71 years.
  • Elsewhere, spiritually it's a different world. In Turkmenistan, a house church raid can get your electricity cut off, and a fellowship operating as a choir practice is shut down because "singing about God here is banned."
January 28, 2013

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pastor conan

December 28, 2013  9:02pm

Sad about what is happening with South Sudan. I do believe that the majority of the population are Christians. We need to pray for this country for peace.

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