Wednesday Link List: Worship Cereal, DC Talk Reunion Tour, and More
Don't stop linkin', hold onto that feelin'.

For those of you who couldn't live without it, there was a link list on Saturday, December 28th at both Out of Ur and Thinking Out Loud you can scroll back to. If you caught that one, then you're ready to kick off another year of link love.

  • Remember when you missed a few weeks of Sunday School and the teacher would phone you to see if you're okay? Maybe they should do that for public figures who skip church. (Someone won't be getting a gold bar on their Cross and Crown pin.) (Is this article related?)
  • "It is startling to see people who are supposedly in their peak earning years instead walking the unemployment line. Worse, the likelihood of such folks returning to the income level they enjoyed prior to being let go runs just about to zero." What's your church's response?
January 08, 2014

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Paul Wilkinson

January 08, 2014  6:52pm

@Matt: I felt the two links were representative of two very different ways of understanding our scriptural mandate. I called Doug Wilson's piece "a rather clever article" for just the reason you noted. If you don't know Wilson's writing, it can be a shock when you think you agree with the premise until he attacks a position with which you (and I) happen to agree. I juxtaposed it to Skye's piece which is more balanced and lends itself more toward a charitable approach by contrast. Such is the spectrum of the Christian internet, though there are times I find myself agreeing with Doug Wilson, and perhaps there might come a day when I find myself disagreeing with Skye Jethani. No wait, that would never happen!

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Matt Miles

January 08, 2014  10:05am

You've got me scratching my head by including the link to the "how to be a better hater"post. I thought it was going to be ironic, but, no. This guy seriously thinks we need to hate egalitarianism and emphasis on Christ. Actually, according to him, we should hate anything that's not ultra-conservative. And how did that make it in the line-up with Skye's rules (several of which the "hater" post breaks) and the post about Christ and biblicism? I might sound like a clueless teenager here, but I just don't get it.

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