Gene Getz and Larry Richards are good friends who have sparked ideas off each other for more than a decade. Both men have taught in Christian colleges. When Gene was at Dallas Seminary in the early seventies, he used in his courses Larry's book, A New Face for the Church, a process that resulted in his own book, Sharpening the Focus of the Church.

But about eight years ago, the paths of these two men diverged. Gene's students kept challenging him to put his stimulating ideas into action. The small group he began blossomed into a home church, which has expanded into four congregations and eight branch churches. Through all that expansion, and now in his role as director of the Dallas Center for Church Renewal, Gene's ideas about how to run a church have modified as he has wrestled with the problems of growth.

Larry left his teaching position in the Wheaton Graduate School, and for the same eight years worked with churches of all types throughout the nation. He is the coordinator of the activities ...

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