For the last fifteen years, our church has regularly opened its doors and sent 150 to 200 prayer warriors onto the streets. Our mission: to call on the power of God and to bring hope to a discouraged community.

Interactive prayers

Our method involves groups of three people praying spontaneously and conversationally on a subject. There are no amens and no prolonged speeches.

I tell my people, "Look, I'm not spiritual enough to concentrate while the guy next to me goes on for ten minutes. And I know you're not, so let's not pretend we are." So each person keeps his prayers short. Just like a conversation, there's back-and-forth but the subject stays focused.

When we're out on the street, we pray for what we see as we walk: "Lord, we pray for that school. Help those kids, Lord."

"Bring the kids to you, Jesus. Tear down the walls in their hearts, and bring them to you."

"And the teachers, Lord. Give them patience. Give them wisdom. Help them love the kids."

"Keep them safe, Jesus."

Or it might focus ...

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