Below is a basic list of items that should be contained in a first aid kit. After reading through the list, consider how your team first aid kits compare. What things do you have? What things are missing? In addition to these items, think through any specific needs that you are aware of and add those items to your first aid kit list.

Keep a record of your first aid inventory list, and be sure that your kits are checked against this list regularly for the appropriate amounts of each of your items. Designate someone to keep track of the first aid kits, promptly replacing items that get used.

Be sure all first aid kits are in handy, accessible locations, and that they can be transported easily as the team travels. However, be sure that these areas are out of the reach of small children. Along with these kits, use the Emergency Contacts Form below, keeping one with each first aid kit. Be sure these are up-to-date. Get your kit and contacts ready now so you won't be sorry later.

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