Identifying effective aspects of yourself and your own inclinations helps to jumpstart you in creating a Personal Ministry Plan. Consider the following 14 elements when preparing for your Personal Ministry Plan.

  1. The nature of your calling
  2. Your spiritual gifts
  3. Your natural abilities
  4. Your values, what is important to you
  5. What makes you cry or where you have had pain
  6. Your interests, the desires of your heart
  7. What energizes you
  8. Affirmations from other people
  9. What you were doing when you were your happiest
  10. Where you have had a history of success
  11. Consistent feedback from others
  12. Feedback from identification instruments
  13. Who you want to spend time with
  14. What God is saying to your heart in your devotions

You may think of other particulars to add as you work with it. The idea is to help you back off of your immediate situation and see yourself from a longer and broader perspective. You are going to identify patterns in your life as you make notes on these areas. When we did this for ourselves, we saw patterns going ...

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