The church I grew up in was the center of our social life; I felt loved and accepted by this extended "family." That little body of believers provided an unshakable foundation of values and understanding, which I still hold firmly.

The greatest contribution the church can make is to draw families to the person of Jesus Christ in an attitude of genuine repentance and renewal. Nothing brings husbands, wives, and children together more effectively than a face-to-face encounter with the Creator of families. In fact, it is almost impossible to stand in his holy presence without recognizing our pettiness and resentment and selfishness with those closest to us.

Each size of church has its contribution to make to the family. Some people thrive better in a crowd; they need the programs and specialists that can be provided only in a large church community. On the other hand, some people need the intimacy and personal touch of a small church family.

What Families Need

The local church is the first line ...

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