A heart that's well is the greatest gift a leader can give to those he or she leads. A heart that's well is the greatest gift you can give your family, too. Not the kind that comes from cardio exercise, although strong heart muscles are good. Rather, the type referred to in the Bible as a pure heart.

What happens, though, when you know your heart falls short of pure?

I admit that mine does.

And when I understand where I miss the mark, where the dark spots exist, then I can do something about it. To become a better leader. To become a better parent and spouse. A stronger Christ-follower. And honor God.

So can you. While many self-examining options exist, I suggest a book I recently finished.

This independently published book, Run the Other Way, reads as a modern-day prodigal son story. In this case, a prodigal daughter. The author, Jan Smith, chronicles her journey through an affair with a married man and into God's never-ending presence and loving embrace.

Jan's story comes from the wayward ...

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