I feel concerned over the lack of attention worry receives. According to the National Association of Health Education Centers, "Between 5 and 10 children in every 100 children have anxiety problems and stress among children is estimated to have increased 45 percent over the past 30 years."

Do the math. How many children do you have in your church, your ministry, your mentoring program, or your neighborhood? Or what about your children? Anyone who works with children has likely seen how worry works to weigh a child down. Yet this growing issue receives shockingly little coverage.

Let's change that—and look for a solution at the same time.

Reality check: Life brings challenges. Some are big and important. Others, though, deserve little fuss—or none at all. Often, the ability to enjoy life requires differentiation between the two, including the ability to avoid letting problems stay past their welcome. When children learn to identify and defuse non-serious issues, they are on course ...

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