Schools and churches sit atop the list of our society's largest entities. Add together the number of attendees and employees in each, and no other institutions come close. Ironically, both feature a building or gathering place, large numbers of people organized, and workers tasked with guiding and caring for those people.

So what can one learn from the other? After 10 years on a church staff, 14 years as a parent of children in schools (K-12), and 4 years of leading an organization that partners churches and schools across the country, I see plenty that both can share. A previous column focused on 3 trends in schools and the lessons they contained for churches. Now, 3 valuable characteristics of churches that could benefit schools will go up on the board for discussion.

Number 1: A Strong Reason to Volunteer

Two years ago, my wife and I received a letter from our child's high school asking us to volunteer at the after-prom activities. Why should we serve the 2-4:30 a.m. shift? Because we ...

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