When I got home from a short-term mission trip to Africa, the board members of my church asked me to meet with them. They weren't throwing me a "Welcome Home" party. Instead, they were throwing me out of the church.

They made it clear that there was no moral failure on my part, nor did I lack competency or giftedness. It was an attitude issue. My dislike for the senior pastor's decisions were well known across the staff. My attitude was toxic, and a reason for me to leave. I'll admit that I didn't care very much for the senior pastor's leadership style.

I guess John Maxwell is right. Attitude really is everything.

Rough transition

In the months following my termination, I took my toxicity to the blogs, only worsening the relational oil spill. I see now that in the months following my firing I only proved what the pastor had been saying all along. I did have trouble with authority and an insistence upon doing things my way.

I dug my own grave. I'm reminded of a quote that my mom posted on the ...

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