Last week my daughter and I attended two significant events. She went to a Taylor Swift concert, and I attended the Global Leadership Summit.

No, I don't spoil my kids with extravagant gifts. I gave my daughter the concert tickets as a combination birthday/Christmas/2014 graduation/future wedding gift. Fortunately, Ms. Swift provided a great shared memory for my daughter and a best friend that could last a lifetime; the two agreed that there will never, ever, ever be a better concert. According to several texts, Tweets, and Instagrams, they deeply appreciated the experience. I printed a few to tuck in her next birthday card as a reminder of what happened, lest memories fail. Yes, this was the gift that will keep on giving—thank you, Taylor.

Two days earlier, a few teammates and I spent Thursday and Friday at a local church that served as a satellite broadcast location for the GLS, an annual event from the Willow Creek Association. While reports from the Taylor Swift concert say that ...

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