A few years ago, a brilliant young post-graduate scientist began attending our church services. She started her journey to explore Christianity. Her upbringing was anything but religious, which made her thoughts on faith fresh—and occasionally conflicted. Before too long she asked if we could sit down and talk. She had questions.

Over coffee we discussed all sorts of things: science, theology, politics, resurrection, and the Portland Trail Blazers. It was enjoyable. But I could see her reaching for the real question as the conversation went on. Finally she asked what had been on her mind the whole time: "Can I be a Christian and still believe in evolution?"

Circumstance and "circumcision"

What would lead us to believe that a scientist must reject evolution before embracing the good news of Jesus? Why wouldn't we expect them to become agents of God's grace in the very tension that many stumble over?

In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul rambles through instructions ...

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