You've read the five perks of being a bi-vocational minister, and it sounds right. For one reason or another, you've decided that bi-vocational ministry makes sense for you. But not all second jobs are created equal. It's time to turn to the natural follow-up question: "If I'm a bi-vocational pastor, what type of second job should I look for?"

Every person and situation is unique, so there's no objectively "perfect" job to recommend to everyone. Here are six considerations to keep in mind while choosing that second (or third, or seventh?) job.

1. Relationships

In addition to his "church duties," one of our elders works as a physical therapist. Every day, he pushes and prods on broken bodies to help them heal (though some joke that he causes more pain). For years, he has used this role as a ministry. He not only discusses physical pain in the recovery process; over multiple appointments, he gets to know his patients. He talks with, ...

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