Note: January is National Mentoring Month, which serves as an opportunity for all adults—ministry workers, mentors, and parents—to celebrate and review the powerful relationships they share with children. Forward this column to them with your affirmation and encouragement for the critical roles they play.

Once, while swimming in the ocean, a large wave knocked over my daughter, who was five years old at the time. The strong undertow held her underwater and began to pull her out to sea. As she slid past me toward open water, I looked down and saw my little girls' eyes wide open looking back at me. I had the impression she was smiling. Adrenaline and instincts quickly engaged as I grabbed her tiny arm. I pulled her on my shoulder and in a shaky voice asked if she was okay. She said, and I will never forget these words, "I wasn't scared. I knew you were here."

Every child will go through rough times, but does every child have reason to feel unafraid because she knows she can count ...

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