If you are young person called to church leadership, I have bad news. You might have a lot of waiting ahead of you.

In all likelihood you will not immediately be like Moses, leading the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea. No, first you will probably be like Moses in a different phase of life: herding the sheep of his father-in-law Jethro in the land of Midian for 40 years. And that's OK, if you use that time to become the leader God is calling you to be.

I'm a young person who has spent a lot of time waiting on God. I call your attention to Moses herding sheep because those of us called to leadership tend to look at the finished products of active leadership as they are portrayed from pulpits, books, and magazines. We lack a view of the years of struggle and anxiety these men and women faced. We see their glory but not their shame. We tend to edit out the doldrums and disruptions.

We consume these pictures of leadership and then we consider our own calling and ministry—or ...

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