I'm very good at choosing vegetables. And I'm not afraid to say it.

As a kid, I went to the Green Grocer every week with my Mom. She showed me how to sniff tomatoes, squeeze avocados, and knock on butternut squash. Because she showed me how to do it, as an adult, I have confidence that the produce I buy will be good. Mom knew what she was doing. Now I do.

I wish I'd had the same kind of confidence in other parts of life. Like stepping into ministry. I gained confidence in my own ability to pick out produce by watching my Mom do it 30 years ago. But when it comes to ministry, I lack the same kind of role models.

Whose role is this, anyway?

During Bible College my ministry partnerships with my husband were fruitful, yet I was always a little unsure about what my role should be. But I really had to wrestle with some demons when I felt God was drawing me into church leadership.

The key moment in the struggle came at a big ministry conference I attended. I had been ...

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