Late one Saturday evening I was sitting in a cafe with my 70 year old father and my 92 year old grandmother. We had just been to the cinema and were discussing our favorite actors over a late night cappuccino.

"Ingrid Bergman was unforgettable in Murder on the Orient Express. You know she's won more Oscars than any other actress in history," said my grandmother.

"No, I am pretty sure Katharine Hepburn won more Oscars," Dad replied.

"I think you're getting mixed up with Audrey Hepburn," I said. "Actually I think Bette Davis has won the most."

I reached into my pocket, grabbed my iPhone and said, "Let me prove it."

Ooops. Dad was right. Again!

For the rest of the evening we talked about how much the world had changed. That we could be sitting in a Bondi cafe late on Saturday night and be able to find out almost anything we wanted to know. Dad summed it up by quoting Spock from Star Trek, "It's life, Captain, ...

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