How Churches Can Prepare for Disasters
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In the last seven months, we have witnessed super storm Sandy, the shootings at Sandy Hook, the Boston bombings, the explosion in West, Texas, and now the tornado devastation in Oklahoma. Churches were active in responding to all of these emergencies, and some are asking how they can be better prepared for the ones ahead.

There are many things churches can do that will equip them to serve others more effectively during a crisis. Preparing at both the church and home levels is important, since a church's plans will be frustrated if church households are not ready. And spiritual preparation will make the difference between a faith-filled response to tragedy and one coming from anger, unbelief, or fear.

What churches have learned

Right after 9/11, Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City was flooded with requests for help—and with generous gifts from all over to help meet those needs. Because their church had an organized diaconate with trained leaders, Redeemer was able to distribute ...

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