Preaching, a Spiritual Discipline?
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I was in over my head, and I knew it.

During my senior year of college, I was called to pastor a rural congregation fifteen minutes off campus. My senior class friends were making the most of their weekends while my Saturdays were devoted to prepping for Sunday sermons. I had taken a preaching course earlier in college, but barely paid attention, figuring, "I don't have to be ready to preach yet; there's plenty of time." If only I had taken that course seriously! I was overwhelmed. Most of the people in that small congregation were three times my age. What could I possibly tell them that they didn't already know? Simply put, preaching petrified me.

But there was a significant silver lining. My lack of skill and experience prompted deep dependence upon God throughout the process of developing and delivering my sermons. In the earliest days of my ministry, preaching was a spiritual discipline that heightened my connection to Christ.

But then, I lost my preaching mojo. ...

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