You have finished writing your sermon. You know what you are going to say. The sermon structure is clear and creative. Your work is complete and it's only Friday! You can put away your manuscript and simply rise up to preach your well-developed sermon on Sunday, right?

Not so fast.

While you may know what to say, it is crucial to spend time considering how you will say it. Preachers should spend adequate time between the completion of the sermon and the actual preaching event reflecting on how they will say what God has called them to say to their congregations. In other words, preachers will want to practice what they preach.

Every preacher needs to find his own method for prayerfully practicing the sermon. You can adapt the following process to fit your personality, years of experience, and preferences. I often begin the process of practicing the sermon on Saturday instead of Sunday morning so that it has a longer period in which to permeate my soul.

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